Explore the Venues: A Look at the Frontiers in Service Locations

We want you to feel this local vibe and experience the uniqueness of this multidimensional city to its fullest!

Another gem of the Frontiers in Service 2023 in Maastricht is the events' location choices. The Netherlands overall, and Maastricht in particular, are famous for being able to breathe new life into spaces while preserving their legacy. We want you to feel this local vibe and experience the uniqueness of this multidimensional city to its fullest!

The welcoming reception will take place in the Spanish Museum - one of the oldest non-religious buildings in Maastricht. The name of the building takes its roots from the period of Spanish rule in the Limburg region, which, despite being unrest, significantly influenced the culture and traditions. Now, the building hosts the photography museum and keeps the spirit of history and art.

Most sessions will be held in the Tapijn buildings of Maastricht University. These are the former military barracks which are now state-of-art learning spaces. Maastricht University has embraced the WELL Building Standard, a certification system that prioritizes people's health and well-being without neglecting the building's sustainability performance and environmental impact, incorporating its guidelines into the design and reconstruction. Tapijn is currently in the WELL Building Final Assessment phase and will soon be the first European university to meet this standard. The redevelopment of Tapijn has also been widely praised for its successful integration of historic buildings and contemporary design and for its role in revitalizing a previously neglected area of the city.

For the closing conference dinner and awards, we invite you to Rebelle - yet another historic location that has found its new purpose. The 17th-century building, which used to be a church, where authentic elements are combined with modern design, - inspires, confuses, and fascinates - all at once. Come and see with your own eyes.

We have been carefully selecting the locations and are beyond excited about what we've prepared for you!

A friendly reminder: the early bird deadline is April 15! Reserve your spot at the best price!

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