Why you should not miss the doctoral colloquium!

It covers various topics relevant to any Ph.D. student, regardless of your Ph.D. stage

Mirella Kleijnen

Mirella Kleijnen, together with Stacey Robinson, is one of the co-organizers of the SERVSIG Doctoral Colloquim (DC) that precedes the Frontiers in Service 2023 Conference.

I attended the first Frontiers in Service in Maastricht as a Ph.D. student at Maastricht University! And now - organizing the DC in Maastricht feels like coming home.

Doctoral Colloquim at Frontiers in Service, Maastricht 2002

There are many reasons why you should attend this DC, not the least because of the beautiful city of Maastricht, but I will give you more!

First of all, we have a fantastic program lined up for you. It covers various topics relevant to any Ph.D. student, regardless of your Ph.D. stage. In fact, as an experienced researcher, I still am excited about this program! We will discuss the challenges we all face as researchers, and our speakers will share essential insights from “the trenches” and their personal stories. We will challenge you to spark your creativity, share personal struggles and success in the research adventure, provide insights into what happens behind the scenes in the publication process, take you on a journey of discovery in the future of education, and discuss how to juggle all these challenges and still have a life!

Tapijn Campus, Maastricht University

Can this get any better? YES.

The doctoral colloquium has an exceptional feature - the social community you enter. Being a small-scale event with students and faculty sharing experiences, discussing and providing feedback, and interacting about a range of topics formally and informally, DC is a unique opportunity to make connections for life. Especially during early career development, you might still have many questions, face challenges that sometimes seem too big, or might need a little help or advice from a friend. Such friends you find at the Doctoral Colloquium. It is a safe and inspiring environment that brings students and faculty together. Just think, one day, you might be organizing this amazing event for the academics of the future. How great would that be? So we look forward to meeting you all in Maastricht on June 14th and 15th!

In case of questions, please reach out to me or the DC co-organizer Stacey Robinson.

One more tip! The early bird registration deadline is April 15, and up to that date, we secured a contingent of rooms in a selection of Maastricht hotels! Book your stay as soon as possible; those spots get filled fast!

More information about the hotels: here

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